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Stolen Babies and Rasputina – The Troubadour – 02/11/03

Stolen Babies at the Troubadour - Photo by: Brian May Stolen Babies, the very last Unsigned Band of the Month for UnEarthed.Com, played a killer set at the Troubadour on February 11th. When Dead Lesa and I arrived at the Troubadour, there were two VERY long lines winding each direction from the front of the Troubadour, one for people who had tickets and the other for will call and purchasing tickets. The people who were there to buy tickets were soiling their pants, would they be able to get a ticket? Did someone say sold out? Luckily thanks to the Stolen Babies crew, we didn't have to worry a bit. And yes, the show did sell out.

This was one of those increasingly rare times when there are only three bands on the bill. Even still I knew it was going to be a late night. Stolen Babies was the first to take the stage. Stolen Babies is a unique band, they are not just another cookie cutter band that you can find anywhere. Every member of the band is extremely talented, Stolen Babies at the Troubadour - Photo by: Brian May from the psycho-slapping of the bass by Rani, to the manhandling of the drums by Gil, you know that you are in for the ride of your life. Dominique's vocals range from angelic to almost demonic without any effort, Davin seems to be in his own world on stage caressing his guitar. Ben, with his keyboard and backing vocals completes the mix.

Stolen Babies played a solid set, including one of my favorite Stolen Babies tunes, `Ninety Steps', a perfectly savage song that I feel would be extremely hard not to get your groove on with. Stolen Babies also play a few songs of their new EP, which the show was the record release party for. (You can read a review of the CD here.)

Stolen Babies commands your attention when they are on stage and you would do yourself a favor to follow that command.

Next was Carbon 9, a band that I had a hard time to get into. There were a lot of people there that were rocking out to Carbon 9 and their cool futuristic robots and gizmos. Carbon 9 seemed to really enjoy their time on the stage.

Rasputina at the Troubadour - Photo by: Brian MayLast on the bill for the evening was the talented cello rockers Rasputina. The self proclaimed psuedo-classical, hard-core “positive-goth” cello band. Melora Creager, the leader of the group said that they were tired of people saying how original they are and stated that they will be playing cover tunes this evening. The band was great, Melora had some strange things to say between songs, a lot of which had to do with the year 1902. Strange people, good tunes.

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