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Key Club – 3/20/01 : Spike 1000, Slaves on Dope, Saliva and Union Underground

Last night at the Key Club in Los Angeles, one of my favorite bands to leave LA in 2000 returned. Yup, Slaves on Dope gave LA another kick ass show. Openers Spike1000, Slaves, Saliva and Union Underground rounded out the bill.

So I flew over to the Key Club and waited in line to purchase a ticket. As luck would have it, Jason from Slaves on Dope was walking by so I got his attention and said hello. He asked if I had a ticket. I told him, “No, I’m just gonna buy one.” Jason wouldn’t have any of that. He got me into the show. Unfortunately for me, the show had already started, but I didn’t really care. It was Slaves time.

As I stated earlier, the show had already started, so I missed most of Spike 1000’s set, but from what I did hear, I will be checking them out again for sure! Spike 1000 has a powerful female singer and as a whole has a pretty cool sound. Spike 1000 has a CD coming out in June/July, so says their singer. Check it out, will ya?

After Spike 1000 were my boys, Slaves on Dope. It has been a while since I saw some Slaves on Dope action, so I was pretty stoked that I visited their web site earlier that evening! The Slaves played songs from their Priority/Divine debut album Inches From the Mainline which included ‘Fallout‘, ‘Leader of Losers‘, ‘Stick It Up‘ and others. At one point during the show, Jason asked, “Who wants to do Coke with the Slaves?” while holding his trusty can of Diet Coke. He told a few of the people in the front two rows to open up their mouths and proceeded to pour diet coke down a few fans throats. Yes, I was one of them. I usually won’t drink diet coke, but it was wet, so I drank.

Right before the Slaves played ‘Leader of Losers‘, Jason pulled up a fan from the crowd, Jose, and asked him to demonstrate what the crowd was to do during the song. So he yelled in a very death metal voice, “DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!” Jason told him that you have to speak it to the crowd, not yell it. So Jose gave it one more go, said the verse again and the Jason asked him to go back into the crowd, so they could start the song.

After Slaves was Saliva and when they came out, it looked like the singer for Saliva had been in MCUD’s closet. Keep in mind, that I was on the second level of the Key Club, and I have bad eye site from far away. But at a glance, you would think that they were similar, but that’s where the similarities ended. The Saliva boys are from Tennessee, and I was surprised that they weren’t a bit more country (yes, I’m being stereotypical. Send complaints to brian@unearthed.com). The singer stated that they have a song on KROQ and that we should all request it. I don’t listen to the radio. LA doesn’t have radio worth crap. To me, this band was just your typical rock band, but they must have caught the eye of someone, so good for them.

I totally missed Union Underground. Instead I was hanging out with Slaves, chillin on the bus and chatting about whatever came to mind. I really missed those guys, so I was really glad I made it to this show.


Big thanks to Jason and the rest of Slaves on Dope. Come back soon!

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