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June 30th at the Coconut Teaszer

It was Friday night in the Sunset Strip, well.. the tail end of the cool places on the strip, but it was time to sit around the camp fire and make s’mores with your fellow campers.  Ok, so there weren’t any fires except for the heat lamps out in the patio and they make for crappy s’mores, so it was Teaszer Tacos.  They rule. But this isn’t a food review site, so I’ll stick to the music.  We didn’t make it in time to see A.Y.S.‘s full set, as we came in on their last song.  I’ll have to check them out some other time I guess.

My question for you is, are you ready for a little salsa music?  Neither was I, but I was in the mood for Chapter 23‘s hard and heavy creations!  And that’s what I got at the Teaszer!  Chapter 23 opened up with ‘In This‘ and also played some of my favorite Chapter 23 songs including ‘Back 2 Da Womb‘, ‘Bring it On.‘  And for a special treat, the Chapter played an untitled new song, which was awesome! I can’t wait to hear the new song again, glad I caught it on video!  Want seconds?  We did, so Chapter 23 played one more song, ‘Down.‘  Cool.

Next up was Strain 999 who opened up their set with ‘Sickened‘ followed by Strain 999’s latest creation, ‘Hollow.‘ Other songs that Strain 999 gave as offerings to our ears were ‘Wait and See‘ and ‘Concrete.‘ Being as I just reviewed Strain 999 for the show they did two days earlier and since they played the same set, you might want to read the previous review.  The only difference was different venues, and I feel the sound is a lot better at the Whisky, so I’ll keep it short by saying this, Strain 999 rules.

After Strain 999 was the elusive three piece called Killplot. I failed to see Killplot at earlier shows, but the wait was worth it.  Killplot, George (vocals/guitar), Jaime (bass/backup vocals) and Scott (drums) played a really cool set containing songs called ‘Misery‘, ‘Downfall‘, ‘Virus‘ and my favorite, ‘Again.‘  As far as first impressions go, Killplot is definitely a band that I will go see again.  Killplot isn’t a rap-metal band, but more of a heavy metal band, coming close to death metal; just the good ‘ole hard and heavy sound.  You gotta love that!

Last, but definitely not least was KNAC.com’s underground favorite, Mygrain who opened their set with one of my favorite Mygrain songs, ‘I Killed God.‘ Some of the other songs that The Maze and crew brought forth from the depths of the underworld were ‘Plagued‘, ‘Suicide‘ and ‘Rape.‘  There were a few songs that Mygrain played that I haven’t heard before.  New Mygrain ear candy called ‘Your Demons‘ which was freaking badass!  You will want to hear this tune and I’m sure that if you attend the next Mygrain show and yell for ‘Your Demons‘ I’m sure Mygrain will indulge your ears.

All in all, a good night at the Teaszer, awesome tunes, Teaszer Tacos (including the hot sauce labeled ‘Not for Kids’ how cool is that!) and fishbowl drinks.  Much thanks to George and the rest of Killplot!  That’s it for me…


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