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Helen 55 and Mugg at the Troubadour – 2.19.00

A typical performance, this was not. Unless of course, you’re talking about how energetic, polished, and all-out awesome the bands that performed ‘usually’ are. Helen 55 took the stage and, save for the teenybopper screams for Ronnie, the sound of the band’s opening explosion ‘The Taste of Sick’ permeated the air of the Troubadour.

Helen 55 are really cool band to see live because of their combination of sound. They have a nice ’emocore’ blend that seems to suit just about everyone and the band has gained a lot of local respect for being able to blur the barriers with unique finesse. The stage performance is magnetic and electric. If you haven’t picked up the demo yet, you really should. But don’t miss the opportunity to see Helen 55 do their thing live. That’s the real treat.

The set list was of the perfect length, with all of the treacherous highs and smooth lows that you would expect from a band as cool as Helen 55. They would bring you up with ‘Music’ and set you back down with ‘Cool Imperfections’. I loved seeing them play again and I can’t wait for the next time.

Mugg is always an experience. This band takes on music with a magnitude that is rarely performed without the boatload of special effects, lighting, and all of the artificial enticements that most major label, touring bands have in their arsenal. This band is purely a non-stop circus of madness and unbridled chaos with a rock solid sound. Hollywood loves Mugg and they have no problem showing it.

‘I Am’ never fails to stir up the moshpit until the entire audience is sucked right in. Bobby is like a sexy, shrieking, Tasmanian devil, all dreadlocks and feet flying and moving in all directions. The band picks the crowd up and flattens them with no apologies. The set list was full of the well-known songs that their loyal fan base knows all of the words to. Mugg is always 100% badass, and they were no different this time. Do yourself a favor, and get there next time you see Mugg on the concert calendar.

Special thanks to Shon of Helen 55 for bringing UnEarthed.com out to the show.

Lesa Pence

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