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Goudie at the Viper Room (Industry Showcase)


Johnny of Goudie at the Viper Room - Photo: Brian MayGet ready for something a little different. You may not know this yet, but four guys that have dubbed themselves Goudie are kicking up some serious dust. The band first made a notable impression at the South-By-Southwest (SxSW) convention in Texas, and subsequently rocked the house at the Viper Room in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago.

Goudie (that’s pronounced GOW-DEE all right?) is the second band to jump onto Lars Ulrich of Metallica’s The Music Company label. (The first band being DDT and the third band, an UnEarthed.com favorite, Systematic.) Despite any controversy surrounding Lars and his issues with Napster, let it be said right here, that the man has distinguished taste when it comes to his musical preferences.

Bill of Goudie at the Viper Room - Photo: Brian MayThe band is the brainchild of Johnny Goudie, and he and his band mates are 4 of the nicest, most sincere people you would ever have the pleasure of meeting. To accurately describe this band’s electrifying show is a difficult task. But I will try my best, because those who miss this band’s live set are lacking a truly special experience. Yes, they are that good.

Goudie have this sort of emocore look and feel to them, that is intermingled with otherworldly vocal talent and louder-than-loud sonic clarity. They detonate unexpectedly, and you welcome it every time it happens. Imagine Jane’s Addiction, Cheap Trick, and Desmond Child & Rouge. Can you do that? If you can, then you’re grinning right now, and you’re itching to get the CD.

Jimmy of Goudie at the Viper Room - Photo: Brian MayThe explosive Viper Room performance included songs from “Peep Show”, the debut CD due for release on July 11th. Opening with my personal favorite from the CD, “Tonight” (as I shudder) – and winding their way through “Buy Me”, “Julia”, “Sugar Daddy”, “Baby Hello” and “Valentine” among others – the band bestowed upon us their collective gifts of musical talent while setting off emotional bombs along the way.

One of the coolest and most unforeseen parts of the show was that Johnny Goudie had a t-shirt that declared “Fuck You Fred Durst” shamelessly covering his fragile frame. Apparently, the grapevine found it’s way to Durst and within 24 hours, he was publicly dissing Goudie. Gee Fred, threatened much?

Einar of Goudie at the Viper Room - Photo: Brian MayI left the Viper Room that night in a bit of a daze. Dewy from club condensation, exhilarated, ears ringing, and the music of Goudie haunting me well into the following days. I could still hear Johnny’s voice as I drifted off into sleep, singing lyrics of my favorite track from “Peep Show”, “I still want some more…

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