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Deepdown at the Key Club 10/23/99

The night of the UnFamily Values tour in the LA Area was the night that local favorites Deepdown played at the partially Halloween decorated Key Club. When I first entered the club the bars were packed with people, but the front of the stage was just about empty. No need to fear my friends, there was also no one on stage. But now the time had come for Deepdown to take the stage.

- Brendan on stage at the Key Club -The lights go down and Deepdown opens with ‘Start Over‘. Just about everyone in the Key Club is now in front of the stage grooving to Deepdown’s tunes. It was so cool to see so many people getting down with the band, not caring what else is going on; just having a good time. ‘Wash‘, ‘Decide‘, and ‘Connect‘ blast through the Key Clubs speakers. Then the lights go down, and Chris (drums), Glenn (vocals), Kris (bass), and Brendan (guitar) sit down center stage. The lights come back on and Deepdown plays an acoustic version of ‘State of Mind‘. I’m not sure if this was a one time thing or what, but what Deepdown accomplished was simply amazing. After the song was finished Deepdown got a standing ovation! Deepdown ended their set with ‘Drift‘, ‘Erase‘ (my favorite Deepdown song) and ‘Lost‘.

- Deepdown playing State of Mind acoustically -I think this was the best show I’ve seen Deepdown play! The addition of an acoustic ‘State of Mind‘ shows how versatile Deepdown is. Makes you wonder what else Deepdown has up their sleeve!

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