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ClownX at the Roxy 7/11/00

ClownX is one of the younger bands in LA that I feel has a lot of potential, so I went down to the Roxy to see them play. ClownX played an awesome set, and it would have been better if they had played somewhere else. You see, the Roxy recently employed new sound guys. I dunno about you, but people with attitudes just piss me off. Since then, I’ve gone to 3 more Roxy shows and it seams like the sound guys haven’t learned anything from their mistakes. Sad. But this isn’t a sound guy review, its all about the band ClownX. So lets begin, shall we?

ClownX started off their set with “Bright” followed by “Something More.” Then Erik (drums), Matt (vocals), Ryan (bass), Tommy (guitar) play one of three songs that are on their demo, “Another Day”. A few songs later, through the Roxy speakers, came a little song called “Spank Bank“. Yes, its what you think it is and yes, I wanna put you in my spank bank baby! (unless you are a guy, I don’t travel that road.) The song is complete with the ‘Bow-Chicka-Chicka-Bouuwwwwww’ courtesy of Ryan and his bass.

Now here’s were it gets interesting.. ClownX starts to play “Here We Go Again” and thirty seconds into the song, the ever so prompt and pleasant sound guy informs ClownX through the monitors that the song that they are currently playing is their last song for the night. What an ass. ClownX makes the best of it, finishing half of “Here We Go Again” and switches to “Fallen” in a smooth blending if the two songs.

All in all, ClownX was awesome and the Roxy sound team sucked ass.


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