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Chezz Monroe and the Glow @ Club 66

The quaint atmosphere of Club 66 seemed to melt away as the loud and melodic tunes of Chezz Monroe and the Glow poured from the tiny club onto the street on Tuesday night, 04/30/02.

Located on Sunset and Vine, Club 66 is the perfect weeknight hang out. It's small, but full of character with its orange, yellow, and green 60's style lights that hang from the ceiling. It seemed the perfect place for this sort of band to be playing.

The band is headed by former bassist of the Romantics, Chezz Monroe, who it turns out can also sing and play the guitar. His counterparts in producing some damn good music are Thomas Vicera (guitar), Greg Sartiano (bass), and Mark London (drums). They fit very well into the whole The Beatles meets the garage band scene that is growing ever popular at the moment. Chezz reminded me of Davey Jones (the hair) meets Mic Jager (the clothes), only a lot younger.

They started rocking out and were shortly there after joined by two homeless guys who wandered in off Sunset Blvd. to enjoy some free music. This was much to the delight of the small crowd, especially when one of the guys started dancing and screaming “I like it like that!” The two homeless guys high-fived each other after a couple of songs and then went on their merry way. Next came the added entertainment for the guys. As if the band wasn't reason enough to be enjoying your self, they had scantily clad go-go dancers dressed like devils dancing on stage. I think it would be safe to say that all the guys in the joint were quite happy.

I went out that night not knowing what to expect from this band; after all I had never heard them before. But I ended up being pleasantly surprised with what I got. They are kind of a mixture of old 60's mod rock combine with that raw, unfinished sound we hear in bands like The White Stripes. They sounded great live, so I would imagine that when they get the chance to record it's going to be awesome. If these guys were to break tomorrow, I have a felling they'd be huge overnight. They have a great style, catchy tunes, and they put on a good show; what more do you need? If you get a chance to see them play, take it . . .I promise you'll enjoy it!

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