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Blind Melons – 04/06/2002

Not having seen Agrokulcher play for a very long time (line up changes and writing new material) it was time to take the drive down to San Diego's Blind Melons for Zach's Annual Birthday Bash (Zach, vocalist of Ghoulspoon fame). I arrived a bit early, 7pm, and the bands were not supposed to go on until sometime after 9. So I took in a smidgen of what San Diego has to offer. Walked to a pizza place and had dinner consisting of two slices of pepperoni pizza and a water. Yum. Then I walked to the beach (oooh a whole block).. reflected on life and pondered on the cosmos.

After a few moments it was show time so I headed back to Blind Melons for what was to be had. The first band was The Joey Bowen Band and they laid down the funk! From what I heard, this was the first time the bassist had played with the Joey Bowen Band and that he was fresh off tour with The Rolling Stones, but I can't confirm that. Anyway, the bassist was freaking awesome! I'm not sure what people were expecting from this band, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! Joey Bowen, is also in Zach from Ghoulspoon's acoustic band. Neet huh?

Agrokulcher had played one previous show in San Diego when they decided it was time for T (AK's new drummer, previously of SubstAnce D) to have his first show. Unfortunately I missed that show, but I was here for Mike's (AK's new guitarist) first show with the band. Every time there is new blood in Agrokulcher it seems like the band evolves into something greater. Agrokulcher has added a new dimension to their sound with T and Mike. Old songs are now new, and the new songs will blow you away. Agrokulcher opened their set with a new version of `Get Killed', which in my opinion slays! AK also played `Song #5', `Outer Space' and a few other songs that you may have heard before.

While AK was taking a break from playing clubs, they wrote a few new tunes. Some of which they played at Blind Melons, including `Walk Away' and if memory serves me right, an untitled song called `Song #1', plus other new tunes. If you've seen Agrokulcher before and you haven't been to the past two shows, you haven't seen Agrokulcher. Get your dancing shows on and get out to see them!

Next up was the ever popular Ghoulspoon, semi-fresh off winning the Best Hard Rock/Metal band at 2001 San Diego Music Awards (semi fresh as it was in October). This is one band that I will never get tired of seeing. Ghoulspoon is a very entertaining band to watch. Ghoulspoon played a few songs off of their recent releases, Fever and Medication to a very appreciated crowd! San Diego loves their boys in Ghoulspoon. Zach looked like he was having a blast on his birthday show. Joey Bowen and Zach were both born on the same day, Zach let us know.. (and so did Joey while flinging out little `I can do this better than you' jabs in fun). After Ghoulspoon was Mower.. but as it was now after 1am and I still had a drive back to LA, I said my goodbyes and left for LA. All in all, this was a very kickass show!

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