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Agrokulcher at the Roxy – 12.2.99

Strength. Raw adrenaline. Brutality. Emotion. If someone asked me what types of feelings course through me while witnessing an Agrokulcher show, those four things, in that order, would be first to enter my mind; those four things, and the fact that I can’t seem to stand still during any one of their songs.

Last night at the Roxy was just as cool as any other night I’ve spent out at clubs seeing bands lately. The differences were that it was later than usual (Agrokulcher didn’t go on until after midnight) and that the club was nearly empty of people – except for about 40 diehards who were smart enough and supportive enough to have come over after the sold out System of A Down show at the Whisky or from wherever else they hung out all night to catch Agrokulcher. Good move, I’d say.

I’ve only seen this band one other time and now I’m killing myself over the fact that I’ve missed so much time in watching them develop. Matt De Joy‘s vocal prowess is an inconceivable audible feast for an otherwise neglected musical appetite. There is no possible way to describe the absolute passion in this person when he becomes who he becomes on stage. It is because of performers like Matt, Jesse Beltz (guitar) Bill Gower (bass) and Gordon Heckaman (drums) that I am reminded of why I am so obsessive about music in the first place.

Agrokulcher opened with the definitive “Pressure” and plowed right into “Renee”, “Bleed for Me”, and “Surprise” without a moment of uncomfortable silence other than sincere acknowledgements directed towards the few of us in attendance. “Run” is one of the songs that completely blows my mind and this version did not disappoint. Not that I believe that they ever could.

At one point, Matt decided to invite close friend, loyal Agro-disciple, and UnEarthed.comMaster Brian May on stage to join him in the shredding chorus of “Song #5”. As shy and cool as Brian is, the nervous energy didn’t stop him from belting it out right along with Matt. It’s always cool when you get to see moments of inspiration like that hit, and when they are shared between friends, it’s even cooler. (Congratulations, Brian. And in the prophetic words of everyone’s pal, Stick, of Flambookey – “That was SO metal”!!!)

Other exceptional tracks like “God” and “All Inside Me”, which both rock WAY hard, were given to us like wicked little, early Christmas gifts and after the set ended, all I could feel was that I was still hungry for more. Or was it the fact that I hadn’t had dinner? No, I’m sure I could have listened to Agrokulcher for a lot longer than the set lasted last night. It’s the afterglow of a kick ass show that keeps you coming back for more. Agrokulcher definitely inspires that.

The next show they have slated to play is going to be at the Troubadour on Monday, December 6th. If you miss them, especially if you’ve never seen them live before, you’re going to be just as sorry as I am now for not being there a lot sooner. You can’t make up for lost time, but now is a good time to start. GO!!!!!

Lesa Pence

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