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Agrokulcher at the Keyclub – April 28, 2001

AgrokulcherWest Hollywood, CA — Agrokulcher literally lit up the night at the KeyClub on Saturday. The band barreled through a powerful set completed by some new, mind-blowing material that moved the crowd to shout along with raised hands in the air, and eventually tornado in an all out mosh.

Not only did the band completely go off with this air of angry intensity that seemed to fuel the entire performance, but the band opened their set with a show-stealing appearance by a mysterious, and compelling fire girl. She was a kittenish, dreadlocked blonde draped in dark lace and opera-length, black gloves. Imagine that, and then add to it 10 wicked, Freddy Krueger-esque flame claws. Fire appeared to be shooting from her fingertips as she slithered across the stage with sensual backbends and erotic dance movements.

AgrokulcherAlthough the KeyClub wouldn’t allow the fire girl to use a flaming baton and some more of those amazing moves to accompany the band during the last song, “Outer Space”; the Agrokulcher set was completely explosive on its own, leaving the crowd breathless and searching for more music, band merchandise and, of course, the next show date.

Here’s a little help: You can buy Agro’s latest CD right now at http://www.agrokulcher.com. Look for Agrokulcher on Saturday May 5th, who will be performing with the awe-inspiring Depswa, Turn of the Screw and more at the Coconut Teaszer. You do NOT want to miss this!

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