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Watashi Wa – The Love Of Life – CD Review

In the continuing procession of Pop Punk bands, a new one that will please fans of the genre is Watashi Wa. Their 2003 opus, “The Love Of Life” [Tooth & Nail Records], has an aesthetic quality that is unique yet appealing. Fusing Melodic Pop Punk, some light Industrial, and a little Hardcore rumble, Watashi Wa has a solid sound.

Clean vocals are the order of the day here, with just a slight whine to them. Mid-paced tempos and guitar hook are the foundation of the Watashi Wa sound, with positive lyrical outlook. Samples are interlaced into the mix. It’s a melodious concoction that works well.

The best of these cuts include “Clear,” “Everything” with its surreal feel, “Air I Breathe,” and the speedy stomp of “At Its Finest” (the best track). Watashi Wa has a mellow style, but it is good nonetheless.

In conclusion, Watashi Wa has good release in “The Love Of Life.” Pop Punk fans will be well pleased with this one. Stay savage. Farewell.

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