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Void – Posthuman – CD Review

Beneath a dark Northern sky, in the dead light of stars grown cold within the fathomless depths, an extreme thought strain was born. This brutal concept of Void was designed with the black perfection. Sublime and extreme, this band creates a unique style of Dark Industrial/Swedish Death Metal with Black Metal elements.

Their brilliantly dark 2003 opus, “Posthuman” [Lumber Jack/Candlelight/Nocturnal Art Productions], is as addictive as it is aggressive. Mixing surreal Industrial nuances and samples with harsh, Extreme Metal ferocity, Void masterfully constructs music that is eerie and intense. Shrill growls hammer through fiery guitar blasts as the technological waves shine, adding a creepy atmosphere.

The best of these bloody, razor-sharp cuts include “Future Horror Aura,” “Syndrome,” the crawling brutality of “Sulphur City Sickness,” and “Cypher.” Void is amazing-both severe and sublime, ethereal and raw. This is a stark, enigmatic journey of extreme, Cyber Darkness….

In summary, Void is simply amazing. “Posthuman” is a monumental opus that will stand the tests of time. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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