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Viking Crown – Innocence From Hell – CD Review

It's nearly that time of the year…when that grimmest of holidays comes around.  And in the tradition of that day, Halloween, I found the perfect band.  The band is Viking Crown, and their new CD called “Innocence From Hell” [Necropolis Records] is the creepiest Black Metal that I have ever heard.

Imagine dark, dense guitar riffs melding with unintelligible blackened growls, and then all of this highlighted by atmospheric instruments such as organs.  It is utterly dark, but then this is contrasted with comical spoken word samples that are intros and outros.  Some will never understand it, but I loved it.  It's whacked and cracked, but that's half of its charm.

The best cuts include the abysmal title track, “Overlords Of Infinite Depression,” “The Seventh Storm Of The Blood Demon,” “The Gathering,” and “The Burning Embers Of Mockery.”  Every track is abyssal black and creepy as hell.

In summary, this opus is the perfect soundtrack for Halloween…or just a really cool horror movie.  This release is for the blackest of the Black.  (Viking Crown features Killjoy and Anton Crowley [a.k.a. Phil Anselmo of Pantera]…if you care.)  Farewell Sunlight.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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