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Venus in Rage – 5 Song Demo (August 2001)

Jason of Venus in RageOnce in a great while you see a band that that blows you away. Their style is completely different than the “norm”; they dance to the beat of their own drummer (literally in this case). Venus in Rage, to me, is one of these bands. Having seen this band live a number of times, I can tell you that this band is something special. Their sound is awesome. Think of a heavy Primus, but not as looney. If you read their bio, it looks like a newspaper article cut out describing a trail of murders of the band members. Moving from each of the band member's place of birth, murdering each member and carving “V.I.R.” into the bodies. Check out the bio at www.venusinrage.com for the full bio.

Track Listing:

Relationshits – 3:27
Centigrade – 4:23
Gagballed – 2:30
Episodic – 4:06
Fuckitup – 3:13

Rating: 4.5/5

As the CD title says, this demo was recorded in August of 2001 and contains 5 masterpieces (see the track listing). For me the only letdown of the CD, if you can call it a letdown, is that there are only 5 songs. Yes, I'm being greedy.

Brian Allen's bass starts off the CD with 'Relationshits', a song that I think we all can relate to. As Jason Markle (vocals) states, 'Go fuck yourself / this could be so much more / if you would only let it be / It's always about yourself.' The guitar work by Pola Cornella is just awesome and Simona Bressi double kicking her kit, which I'm a sucker for, rounds out the rest of Venus in Rage.

The CD is great as it shows that different sides of Venus in Rage. Each song has it's heavy parts, some more than others, while Centigrade is more of a softer song. I almost want to say it's a great ballad, but I know how bands hate having a 'ballad'. In any case, this song is awesome. Jason sings his heart out while the rest of the band put their heart and souls into the music.

To check out any of the songs on the CD, go to www.venusinrage.com and click on sounds, or check the band out live and pick up a CD.

Favorite tracks:
Centigrade, Relationshits and Episodic.

MetalboyBrian May

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