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VENT – “Papa’s Dojo” – CD Review

When a band that is overflowing with the energy that Vent possesses decides to construct something, you better hold on tight because the Earth is going to shake beneath your feet. From the first very notes I heard from the opening track, “Stalker”, I was ready to rock n’ roll! “Papa’s Dojo“, the very first official full-length CD from this four-piece ball of fire named Vent, will rock your socks off and make you smile along with their positivity the entire time.

Jason Boyd (lead vocals) invites you in to the world of Vent with a warm purr that can detonate into furious emotion with smooth grace. With Ben Einziger making his guitar sing like so many free-flowing lullabies and backing Jason on vocals, Paul Fried thumping out the unyielding bass grooves, and Jamin Wilcox sustaining the force field in front of him, Vent are unstoppable and they buzz with electricity. (Be sure and check out “When I Drown” where Jamin and Ben do a gorgeous job of singing and harmonizing of their own.) The band have successfully placed the listener in the driver’s seat and persuaded them into hitting the accelerator.

At one time, the band cut a 4-song EP that, if you had heard it, you would recognize different versions of “Sweet Frustration” (which uses the old guitar version of a beautiful song called “For the Moment”), “Remedy”, “Back and Forth”, and a song that was left off of Papa’s Dojo entitled “When Will We Learn”. Due to the inevitable maturing process that has taken the members of Vent to a new creative level, they have emerged with a fresh sound and a completely magnetic debut release.

It is difficult to choose a favorite track from this CD, but those that stand out in my mind would be “One Small Choice”, “Looking Down”, “Only Human”, and “I Can’t Breathe”. There is something about the tiny explosions in “Only Human” that make you want to move. Other tracks throughout the CD seem to become instant classics, making you want to learn the words as soon as possible so that you can chant along in your best rock star voice. “I Can’t Breathe” is easily the most driving and interesting track, with it’s changes and mood swings. Papa’s Dojo is a collection of songs that will undoubtedly have appeal to just about anyone that can appreciate clarity and goodness in their rock music.

For more information about the members of Vent, or to order their new CD, please visit their website at www.ventmusic.com.

Lesa Pence

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