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Vaux – There Must be Some Way to Stop Them – CD Review

Vaux - There Must be Some Way to Stop ThemWithin the first five seconds of the vigorous, biting, opening track `Set it to Blow', the answer to the title of Vaux's latest release, There Must be Some Way to Stop Them, is clear, there is no way. But why would anyone want to?

This impeccable, hardworking sextet from Denver, Colorado is the perfect remedy to the currently ailing music scene. With their unique blend of passionate, guttural vocals, guitar that attacks like a bloodthirsty tiger, and drum beats that pound faster than a junkie's heart on meth, Vaux is sure to be an instant favorite to anyone with ears. From the first piercing jab of Quentin Smith's voice to the last lick of the guitars (Greg Daniels, Chris Surenson and Adam Tymn), this mosh-inducing album will have you completely enraptured.

Track four, the intense, At The Drive-In-esque `Switched On', will take you from frenzied to subdued and back again with it's ever-changing pace and impressive drum work (Joe McChan). This track, my personal favorite, will be the bands first video, and hopefully get the spotlight on this band and get people “switched-on” to them.

Next up is `At Your Will'. With haunting similarities to the Deftones `Change', this song leads the listener in to an almost trance-like state with its enchanting bass (Ryder Robison) and keyboards, only to be quickly awakened as it slides right into the burst of energy that is `Ride Out Bitch'. Musing about an unfaithful love through lyrics that alternate between ferocious shouts and quivering melodies, this song, simply put, kicks ass!

As the opening verse of `Broke the Brakes' blares through your speakers, one may think Beck has a cameo on this album. But alas no, that is just the amazing versatility of Smith's voice as he and his band mates rip through yet another great track.

As you listen to this album time and time again (because you certainly won't want to put it down) the layers begin to unfold, and things that weren't there the first time begin to appear. That elaborateness is really captured on track eight `Paint it Red', as the song creates a strange balancing act between angry, aggressive rock and eerie, keyboard-filled synth breakdowns all the while never seeming awkward.

And don't think the talent stops there! All it takes is a quick flip through the lyric book to find out that not only are the members of this band musically gifted, but they also happen to be amazing artists. With an intricate drawing by each band member, the booklet alone is art.

So folks, that pretty much wraps it up. All I have to say is radio stations listen up (that means you KROQ), and music lovers start spending, because this album is worth every cent! And make sure you catch this band live because not a thing is lost in the transition from studio to stage, and I can testify to that!

*For up to the minute information on Vaux, check out their website here.

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