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Valume Nob – Most High – CD Review

Undoubtedly you should expect some big noise about any band that features members from Crowbar, Graveyard Rodeo, Down, and New Religion. But Valume Nob is worthy of all the stir. (The band-members are Kirk Windstein, Marshall Black, Frey Thieler, and Sid Montz.)

Their 2004 opus, “Most High” [Crash Music, Inc.], is about as raw and loud as Noise/Hardcore Metal gets. Powerful and totally unhinged, Valume Nob is pure intensity without transitioning into Metalcore. It’s classic Hardcore with a brutal, wild swagger.

These New Orleans legends fuse catchy, primal rhythms with pummeling guitar assaults and raw-edged, slightly growled vocals (more a gravelly roar than anything). It’s efficient and totally killer. Valume Nob is insanely cool….

Consisting of four studio cuts and two live ones, this EP is full of gut-ripping hook. The best tracks include the live beating “Friends For Life,” “Boots,” the anguishing “Pleasant Memories,” and “Together As One.” Valume Nob is sheer, severe fury burning bright as a blowtorch.

Overall, Valume Nob destroys with Old School style and skill. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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