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Ultraspank – “Progress” – CD Review

If one thing can be said for Ultraspank, it is that they have firmly established their sound. These days, a unique fingerprint from a new metal or hardcore band is rare. Somehow, Ultraspank mastered the art of being themselves, and unlike no one else from the beginning stages, and they continue to do so with their latest offering, the aptly- titled “Progress” (Epic Records). From the very first few seconds of the opening track ‘Push‘; the listener knows right away that this is indeed Ultraspank.

To say that the band is innovative may not be entirely accurate, but the way that they have incorporated elements of complexity and technology is entirely fresh, yet still familiar to the Ultraspank fan. There are visions of what the future holds within the music on “Progress,” and it shows what a band with this much focus, integrity, and ferocity is capable of accomplishing within a matter of two short years between releases. That is a sign of true progress.

Pete Murray‘s voice has improved upon its’ already astonishing range by leaps and bounds. In some parts of certain songs, such as ‘Feed‘, his voice becomes almost otherworldly. There are points where I almost didn’t recognize him. Pete has either taken voice lessons to build on his previous vocal power, or he’s simply just grown. He absolutely soars on this CD.

Ultraspank is without a doubt one of the tightest and most perfected bands I have seen perform live. The combined programming skills of Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey (who also plays guitar) are immaculate. Jerry Olivera (guitar) and Dan Ogden (bass) add depth and diversity to the razor-sharp guitar line-up, and James Carroll is a completely accomplished drummer who contributes the most groove-oriented, signature Ultraspank beats. If a new Terminator movie comes out, I think the soundtrack people should recruit Ultraspank for the entire score.

If you like Ultraspank, (and how is it possible that you couldn’t?) then you’re going to love “Progress” which will be in stores on May 30th – so get your copy! The band is getting ready to tour this CD with Static-X, so keep an eye out for that one. I’ll see you there. And be sure to also visit the entirely tech-heavy www.ultraspank.com for a wicked web experience.

Lesa Pence

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