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U.P.O. – No Pleasantries CD Review

What U.P.O. stands for and where they are from are total mysteries to me. In fact I have never heard of the band prior to receiving their CD for review. Usually when you hear a CD from a band you have never heard about, you are a little skeptical of if it will be worth your while; as you are reminded of why you have never heard of the band and their album. However my experience was totally the opposite with U.P.O.. Their new release No Pleasantries from Epic records brings you a Sound Garden meets Tool feel (A bit more on the Tool side.).

No Pleasantries rocks you through twelve tracks of mood altering music, with songs that kick ass. Unless you hate Sound Garden and Tool, then I recommend you stay away from this CD, definitely not for you. If you are into trying new music, I would highly suggest this album to you. It takes you through the pains and tortures of life being no fun, specifically pain caused by other people and regular situations in life that we face everyday. It shows you why people are skeptical about there being a God with all of the bad things life has to offer. It also explains that although you feel down you should never lose your lively hood and the joy of feeling alive to breathe the air and see the sunlight day after day.

The next time you are out looking to buy a good CD that is actually worth listening to more than once before you decide to sell it on the internet, or trade it in for a new CD at the Warehouse; then you should pick up this CD, it is truly an all around good CD that can be enjoyed over and over again. If you need a CD for relaxation to recreational, then this is the CD will be useful to you.

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