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Two Hit Creeper – “The Stepchildren’s Twisted Circus Music” – CD Review

Two Hit Creeper scares me. Not only do they get an ‘A’ for originality, but they get an ‘A+’ for frightening me to the bones. Watching Mike and Jim is truly an experience for your senses. This is a two-piece band, whose live show takes on an almost ‘performance art’ feel to it. Two Hit Creeper are nothing like any other act I’ve seen haunting the Hollywood club circuit.

I instantly get an uneasy feeling inside when they take the stage when seeing them live. The stage becomes a barren, empty place after following other 4 or 5-piece bands on the bill. Things get even stranger when only two musicians materialize, and bring with them massive amounts of sound that seems to just emerge out of nowhere. The music is huge and manic, and it is downright unsettling, yet fascinating to watch and even eerier to listen to.

The Stepchildren’s Twisted Circus Music” is spine-chilling, loud, and fucking angry. Jim brutalizes the guitar, and Mike does the same to his vocal chords, all with the simplicity that one comes to expect from even the most schooled musicians. The self-promoted CD boasts 5 brain-twisting, evil songs that are sure to give you nightmares. My personal favorite track would have to be ‘Shoe Size‘ – which I remember hearing for the first time with my eyes wide open as I watched Mike’s accordion breathing and crooning like some inhuman lung.

Be sure to visit the Two Hit Creeper website at www.twohitcreeper.com and contact the band yourself for your own copy of “The Stepchildren’s Twisted Circus Music.” Go ahead. Indulge your dark side. I dare you.

Lesa Pence

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