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Throcult – Soldiers Of A Blackened War – CD Review

Well, it’s just this simple…Colorado’s Throcult is the best, new Black Metal band to come along in ages. Their 2003 opus, “Soldiers Of A Blackened War” [Crash Music, Inc.], is a monumental epic of infernal glory. Fiery, fearless, and utterly aggressive, Throcult is as brilliant as harsh.

Throcult has a highly skilled, dynamic style..fusing intricate, blazing guitars with shrill growls, guttural growls, dynamic rhythms, and excellent arrangements. They aren’t fixated on speed, using a mixture of slow power, mid-range, and frenetic insanity. (It’s a nice change from many Black Metal bands.) Throcult also incorporates a light use of symphonic and Industrial elements.

Malevolent and glorious, the best of these crushing cuts includes the vicious “Salem,” the intense epic “Ellipsis” (which is the most killer track), “Kill Or Be Killed,” and the primal onslaught of “Dark Cloud Holocaust.” Throcult is amazing.

Overall, Throcult is the best of the new breed of Death / Black Metal bands. Let the Darkness roar. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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