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The Psychotics: CoronadoEver wonder what would happen if four drunk, crazy, yet musically talented kids broke out of a mental hospital? If The Psychotics are any indication, they would create some of the most melodic, heart felt, and genuine punk music Los Angeles has ever produced. Leader of the gang is daft frontman Steve “Psycho” Lopez, who came to my house a few years ago with the dream of starting the loudest, most inelegant and unrefined punk band of the millennium. With the release of the Coronado E.P. (Northeast Records), Steve and the boys have definitely succeeded in their goal.

The five song E.P. begins with an anthem for all the lonely people in L.A. called “Lost Angel.” Despite the desolate topic, this tune features energetic and dynamic musical banter co-existing with lyrics like, “In the city of angels, I lost my soul, I am in search of something, and alone is all I know.”

Next up is the guitar-driven tune “Desperate Measures,” a song about life, changes, and picking up the pieces. Emotion exudes from Steve Psycho’s voice as crunching guitar riffs provide a vector for the sentiment. What I really like about this track is the emphatic guitar solo (a feature that is not easy to find in music these days).

Track 3, titled “Misled,” begins with a more alternative vibe, but quickly transitions into the quintessential punk sound The Psychotics are becoming known for. This song is basically a big middle finger pointed at the man and all of corporate America.

Life of Sin” is a tune that boasts the musical and vocal unity of the band. The timing on this song is impeccable, and the lyrics, although vague and aimless at times (“preterminal kiss”?), provoke the mind.

The album concludes with the title track, “Coronado.” This song blends a feel-good flow, punk rock dottiness, heavy guitars, and great lyrics all into a euphonious package of sound that is pleasing to the ear, yet punk enough for even the truest aficionado. No better way to end such a sovereign debut CD.

The Psychotics sound can be checked out at many Los Angeles area music stores and rock show venues, or on their website (www.thepsychotics.com). If they can just stay out of the mental hospital, these guys should be around for many years, sharing their lunatic style with fellow psychos all over the world.

-Rikk Elhaj

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