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The Exies – Inertia – CD Review

Even Pop Punk has its variants. The Exies are an excellent example, creating a fearless and addictive form of Techno Pop Punk. Their 2003 opus, “Inertia” [Virgin Records], is both catchy and powerful.

Somewhere between American Hi-Fi and Filter is where The Exies call home. Subtle shades are mixed into the fray–acoustic guitars, Pop aesthetics, and some sarcastic humor are added to the Techno Pop Punk hybrid. Powerful, chunky guitars pound through vibrant, throbbing rhythms. Strong, clean vocals eviscerate the sonic hum, and effortlessly swim the softer moments as well. The keyboards/samples sharpen the overall feel brilliantly.

The best of these killer cuts includes “No Secrets,” the burning long song “My Goddess,” and the humorous and dimly poetic acoustic song “Genius.” Plus the disc includes a video for “My Goddess,” as well as other extras.

Overall, this is one killer opus of masterfully done Techno Pop Punk. So get with it… Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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