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The Condors – CD Review

Patrick DiPuccio – Vocals/Guitar/Harp
Mark McCormick – Bass/Vocals
Jay Nowac – Drums/Vocals

“Tales of Drunkenness & Cruelty”, is a six-song CD with a mixture of styles. “Got No Reason”, has a great guitar groove that start off this CD. Song 2 – “I’m Not Sorry”; I feel could be the anthem for most ‘male’ musicians (at least most of the ones I’ve met). Some of those lyrics are:

I’m not sorry for the drinks I drunk
I’m not sorry for the things I thunk
I’m not sorry if I have to stare
I’m not sorry and I don’t care
Ain’t sorry for the one night stands
I’m not sorry I don’t shake your hand
You’re as obsolete as a beige Corvair
I’m not sorry and I don’t care

Sorry guys but for me, these lyrics are sad but true, though I did really love this song. The guitar solo was quite fifties. A real Chuck Berry feel. “Drinkin’ Myself To Sleep” could be a crossover to the country charts. This is a real cool song! Then we come to “Little Reaction”. Now this song musically reminded me of Hand Jive in spots. It also had a sort of surf sound to it and some great harmonica.

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