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THE ABUSE – Preview Tracks for Disconnect – CD Review

It would be far too easy to compare The Abuse to Kittie. But first off, four of the band members are male. Besides that, this band goes beyond choppy riffs and aggressive female vocals and transcends the all-too-glorified nu-metal genre. Their music defies definition, as it is raw, yet far from unrefined. With a perfect blend of screaming and harmonizing, The Abuse from San Diego prove that a female lead singer can still generate a monstrous mosh-pit, and hold the audience spellbound at the same time.

The Abuse was formed by two friends, Richard Brooke and Frank Mercurio, looking to a start a “heavy, alternative” band. When it came time to select a lead singer, the boys auditioned several prospects. But it was the petite Paulette Valenzuela that blew them away with her ability to carry a beautiful tune one second, then shred her vocal cords in a primal scream the next. Founding member Mercurio would later leave the band to join Sen-Dog‘s side project, SX-10. But in that transition, non of the aggression or musicality was lost. With Brooke and Shaun Frude on guitars, Derek Waters on bass, and Jason Hodgedon on drums, the band is ready to continue their assault on the ears and minds of America.

The Abuse recently released three tracks to be featured on their highly anticipated upcoming album, Disconnect. Recording for this CD has just begun, as the band has been waiting for producer Steve Russell to wrap up his project with P.O.D. If the studio sessions prove to be as energetic and explosive as their live performances, the suits over at the record company better watch their toupees. And if the sampler is any indication, their fans will not be let down.

Each song boasts Valenzuela’s incredible range, but non more than “Tapping The Vein.” Her ability to transition from Gwen Stefani innocence to Morgan Lander rage is nothing short of astounding. “Friction” is another assault on the senses that features the band’s formidable talent at its best. Every tune on this preview sampler is impeccable. However, I am surprised that The Abuse chose to digitally alter the vocals on the song “Enigma,” ala Cher‘s “Believe.” To desecrate such a lovely and sinewy voice with computer enhancements is criminal.

Having opened for such acts as Korn and Fear Factory, and performed alongside several other industry heavy-weights, it is only a matter of time before The Abuse get the recognition they deserve. With these preview tracks, they continue to define themselves as a band that just cannot be defined.

-Rikk eLhaj

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