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Systematic – Somewhere in Between

Systematic – Somewhere in Between

Systematic - Somewhere in BetweenSystematic‘s TMC Debut CD, Somewhere in Between, starts out with a humdinger of a song called `Dopesick‘ and continues the assault of your senses until the last note of `Thick Skin‘. That’s 13 tracks of pure, unadulterated rock. If you are a fan of rock music, definitely pick this album up! Don’t believe me, well here are just a few reasons: Systematic can write songs, not the usual drab of cookie cutter songs. Just give a listen to `Glass Jaw‘, `Bedsores‘ and the title track `Somewhere in Between‘. If these songs don’t get you lost in the music, check your pulse, because you may be dead. Tim Narducci (vocals/guitar) can sing his ass off. There is no growling on this record, just Tim’s natural voice shining through. Along with Tim, Adam Ruppel (guitars/backing vocals), Nick St. Denis (bass/backing vocals), Phillip Bailey (drums – on the album, who is no longer with Systematic) and Shaun Bannon (drums – live, who is now with Systematic) create an amazing sound that is so awesome.

Systematic is destined for greatness. This is a band that will last the test of time. I have not said that about any band before, but with this band, I truly believe that their music will still be played 10 years from now. Somewhere in Between is an excellent album. Tracks like `Slowburn‘, `Of A lesser God‘, `Pitch Black‘ and `Thick Skin‘ make me want to getup and shake my groove thang. While tracks like `If Only‘, `Bedsores‘ and `Glass Jaw‘ really make me think and listen to the song, taking in everything around me and just let go of reality for awhile. This album is just so dynamic, it just hits me on so many levels it’s scary.

Systematic’s music has a special place in my life. Many good times I have had with Systematic in the CD player.

Pick this album up and check Systematic out on Ozzfest this year.


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