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Suicide Machines – A Match and Some Gasoline – CD Review

The Suicide Machines are back with their fifth studio album, and SideOneDummy Records debut, `A Match and Some Gasoline'. And they're here to kick ass and take names. The names are of ignorant kids, politicians, and cops that is. Almost everyone gets attacked in their endeavor to spread their wisdom through raw, catchy punk/ska delights. One listen to this record and you'll be humming it out load for the rest of the day.

But the Suicide Machines don't want you to just rock out. They want you to be politically aware. As in such tracks like, “Your Silence“, (which also appears on the Warped Tour Compilation), the music breaks down to reveal lyrics that shout at an ignorant kid who thinks politics don't concern him when in irony, dies at the age of 23 in a war he paid no attention to.

The Suicide Machines, unlike mainstream punkers, want to give something more useful to their fans in today's world of constant conflict. And they manage to do so, and a lot more, while acquainting your ears with a brilliant backdrop of rhythmic, memorable music. Even a song like, “Keep it a Crime“, that proclaims, “Fuck security, fuck the cops!” is notable. After this album, the Suicide Machines probably don't need security; they've made a striking, standout record that will find its way into your CD changer on more occasions than you think it will.

Notable Tracks:
2. 'Did You Ever Get A Feeling Of Dread?'
3. 'Keep It A Crime'
5. 'Your Silence'
9. 'Beat My Head Against The Wall'

Look for The Suicide Machines this summer on the Vans Warped Tour. For more information check out their website at www.suicide-machines.com

-These words of wisdom were brought to you by P.J. Yogushunaki

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