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Suffocation – Souls To Deny – CD Review

Sometimes that New York attitude can payoff. Such is the case with the Death Metal band Suffocation. Their unique style and relentless has made them legends in the genre. And that reputation is very well-deserved.

Their 2004 opus, “Souls To Deny” [Relapse Records], is a blistering testimony to their talents. Suffocation has a dense, primal sound. Fast and catchy, it adds Hardcore stomp to the Death Metal brutality. Brutal growls, blast-beats, and intricate guitar solos add to the visceral edge.

The best of these beasts includes the furious intensity of “Immortally Condemned,” “Tomes Of Acrimony,” “Souls To Deny,” the powerful brutality of “To Weep Once More,” and “Surgery Of Impalement.” Suffocation is New York Style Death Metal that is monstrously brilliant.

Overall, Suffocation still has the goods. This one is guaranteed to become a classic. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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