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Stuck Mojo – Declaration Of A Headhunter – CD Review

There once was a fiery little monster of a band from Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A.) called Stuck Mojo. They released a monumental album called “Snappin’ Necks” that combined Aggro Rapcore Metal with Hard Rock and even some small amounts of Death Metal. Years passed, and they released good albums that had softened a bit and emphasized more use of melody as well as the Hard Rock inflections. But in 2000 the Stuck returned with a new album called “Declaration Of A Headhunter” [Century Media Records], and with some added fire in their belly. This is their best release since “Snappin’ Necks,” featuring more of that earlier rage hammered into definition with tons of melody.

The most spiteful cuts are “Hatebreed” (my favorite), “Give War A Chance” (another favorite of mine), “Feel It Coming Down,” and “The Ward Is My Shepherd.” Some of the tracks have an almost anthemic feel to them.

Another sweet aspect to this CD is the social and political pieces, each of which is incredibly sharp, intellectually brilliant, concise, and sometimes even humorous. “Declaration” is a spoken word diatribe on responsibility for self, stating “A gun is a tool just like a shovel.” “An Open Letter” confronts Jesse Jackson’s actions in racial relations. These works increase the depth of brutal truths, adding yet another dimension to the greatness of Stuck Mojo‘s talents.

Heavy guitars, Rapped and Growled vocals, and intense rhythms are the calling cards of Stuck Mojo. The Stuck is brilliant. Get this CD! The moral to this story is 4 wolves can beat music industry pigs (those huge label monsters) any day of the week. Stay evil. Later.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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