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Static-X – Shadow Zone – CD Review

Even the greats must mellow a little bit at times…. So goes the tale of the 2003 opus, “Shadow Zone” [Warner Bros. Records], by Static-X. There is definitely a much more radio-friendly feel—with a greater emphasis on the Industrial influences, and a less aggressive (less brutal, less Death Metal) quality. It’s still cool, but it is softer.

Static-X deftly constructs a slick, catchy brand of Industrial Aggro Metal with enough hook to gut a wooly mammoth. Tight, mechanized rhythms stitch together crunchy guitars and aggressive vocals (growled and clean). It’s blasting, chaotic, and as beautiful as a star-drenched sky.

Severe and serene, the best of these killer cuts include “So,” the ripping “The Only,” “Destroy All,” the fiery “Control It,” and “Kill Your Idols.” Static-X simply destroys….

In summary, even a somewhat tamer Static-X is still amazing. So enter the Shadow Zone, and you won’t be disappointed. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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