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Static-X – Beneath Between Beyond – CD Review

The 2004 rarities/best-of compilation by Static-X, titled “Beneath Between Beyond” [Warner Brothers Records], is a severe must for any fan of this Industrial/Aggro Metal powerhouse. Besides being better than their last opus, “Shadow Zone” [Warner Brothers Records], it provides some exceptional rare material. Love them or hate them, Static-X is truly unique. (Personally, I think their amazing.)

Wayne Static‘s vocals interchange between growls, rueful raspy howls, and psychotic screams. The rhythms are powerful, chunky, and mechanical-blast beats charge this assault with an overwhelming glory. Techno/Industrial aggression is the heart of the Static-X sound. But few do it so well though. There is use of samples and keyboards at times.

Of these ferocious wonders, the best of them includes “Down” (from their self-titled mini-CD), “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment” (Ramones cover), the stark “Love Dump (Demo),” the primal cadence of “Otsegolectric (Demo),” “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” (Black Sabbath cover), and the blistering “Burning Inside” (featuring Burton Bell of Fear Factory). Static-X has a mechanized, raging resplendence.

In conclusion, Static-X has manufactured another Aggro masterpiece. I just wish it had “Cold” and “Otsego Undead” on it as well. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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