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Spitalfield – Remember Right Now – CD Review

From the Hardcore microcosm of Emocore rises the intriguing act Spitalfield. Their 2003 opus of serene edginess, “Remember Right Now” [Victory Records], has a syrupy yet surgically sharp sound. It’s not brutal, but has enough crunch and melodic moodiness to verge the void.

Clean, whiney vocals lilt effortlessly across emotive rhythms. Bursts of melodious Hardcore guitars tap a vein of subconscious aggressiveness. Spitalfield cuts no new territory, but they trample this well-worn path with style and graceful abandon.

The best of these Pop-tinged bashers includes “You Can’t Stop,” the pummeling sweetness of “Make My Heart Attack,” “Stolen From Some Great Writer,” and the energetic ode “Kill The Drama.” Spitalfield is furious and strangely uplifting.

In summary, Spitalfield is a good Emocore band that will please fans of the genre. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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