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Spineshank – Self-Destructive Pattern – CD Review

L.A.’s Spineshank has returned with another concrete-solid opus in 2003, titled “Self-Destructive Pattern” [Roadrunner Records]. They continue to sharpen the edges of their aggressive style, while staying true to their core sound. And Spineshank does this skillfully.

Industrial and Thrashcore elements permeate their Aggro Metal aesthetic-describing them as a vivid, violent mixture of Fear Factory and the Deftones is an apt starting place. But Spineshank is much, much more….

Caustic growls scrape against clean yells and softer vocals. Guitars are brutal and distorted, with a mechanized, crushing cadence. The rhythms are precise, and oppressively heavy.

Songs of exceptional note include “Tear Me Down,” “Smothered,” the powerful “Slavery,” “Beginning Of The End,” “Dead To Me,” and “Violent Moodswings.” Spineshank lets it roar.

Overall, Spineshank has succeeded brilliantly yet again. “Self-Destructive Pattern” is a post-industrial marvel in the Information Age. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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