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Snubnose 32 – ‘Isolation’ – CD Review

From the depths of San Luis Obispo comes a band in the metalcore genre. I’ve been trying for a while to figure out who the band sounds like and I can’t seem to come up with anything other than themselves. How often can you say that about a band? It’s quite rare these days. Snubnose 32 is composed of Mark Hartz (drums), Ryan Schwiebert (guitar), Mike McLaughlin (bass), and Jeremy D’Ambrosio (vocals). Playing with bands like Type O Negative, Snot, System of a Down, Guttermouth, Papa Roach, Snot and Pro-Pain have helped Snubnose 32 gain a lot of fans in the metalcore scene. After listening to this CD, you’ll under stand why.

There are quite a few songs on Snubnose 32’s CD Isolation that remain lodged in your mind, and I’m sure that you won’t mind: ‘Respect the Differences‘, ‘Butter Cup‘, ‘Snaps‘, and ‘All for Nothing‘. Snubnose 32’s song ‘Phaded‘ is sure to be a pit favorite with the heavy sounds and badass grooves. The Snubnose 32 sound is pretty badass.. Jeremy’s vocal style is quite unique, real grainy, melodic at times, not really rapping, more like a twist of spoken word. You’ve really got to check it out. As you can tell by listening to Isolation, Snubnose 32 is a band that is full of talented musicians. I could listen to this CD for days, and I have.

I give this CD a 4 out of 5 bruised moshers. Killer CD. You can pick it up at cdpalace.com or cdbaby.com. Official WebSite : http://www.snubnose32.com/

–  brian@unearthed.com

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