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Snot Tribute CD Review

When I saw this CD, it was in an unmarked jewel case and the CD itself was also unmarked, except for two words: Snot Tribute. I giggled. So when I popped this little jewel into my CD player and listened to all its glory, then too I giggled. The CD opened with a beautiful instrumental. The next track opens with “Opening his heart to everyone and loving without a doubt”. This is a very cool song with vocals by Serj from System of a Down (I think). The next track is a song with M.C.U.D. from Hed(PE) on vocals, which is a song about the loss of Lynn. “I miss you. I can’t see you, but I feel you, Yeah, I feel your soul. You know this no matter what I know you still got my back. I know where you at.” The end of the CD has this song is repeated three times, different remixes of the song (Tracks 7-9). I love the fact that the song has different version of the song, because the song kicks ass.

The next track is also a song about the death of Lynn and how the singer is trying to cope with the loss. Unfortunately I can’t tell who performed the song since I’m going off of who I can hear and recognize. Track 5 has Max Cavalera on vocals, and I’m assuming the rest of Soulfly is performing as well, since it sounds like Soulfly and the song is very tribal-ish. Track 6 is another instrumental song, very hard and aggressive. The rest of the CD as I mentioned above, is all remixes of the song that M.C.U.D. did.

After all the tunes blasted through my speakers and I had listened to the lyrics, the sad tone of the lyrics, it’s quite apparent that Lynn had a HUGE impact on many people’s lives. This CD may be the tribute disc called “STRAIT UP”, it may not be.

Thank you VERY much to whomever sent the CD.

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