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Slik Helvetika – Self Titled – CD Review

Slik_Helvetika_-_Slik_HelvetikaBust out your leather jacket with studs, throw the goat and come with me to 1984! The self titled, self produced release by Slik Helvetika [Screaming Mimi Records] is straight up Metal. This three piece band has a huge sound to headbang to for days! Mikhall Myers (guitar/vocals) shreds his axe much like Zakk Wylde, complete with guitar solos and masterful guitar work, while Steve Salter commands the drum kit like a natural. Listening to Slik Helvetika is like traveling back in time to when Metal ruled the world. Mikhall can hold the old school Metal cry like Rob Halford, just not as high pitched. You could easily see Slik Helvetika playing with Judas Priest, Ozzy and Dio.

My favorite songs from Slik Helvetika are “Where Blood Spills“, “Ride“, “War Machine“, the ballad “September” and “Swine.” For a healthy helping of good ole Metal, take Slik Helvetika for a ride, you’ll be glad you did!

For more information on Slik Helvetika, please visit http://slikhelvetika.com/.


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