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Sleep – Dopesmoker – CD Review

It could be said that the band Sleep is keeping the Sabbath dream alive. Pure Psychedelic Doom Metal is what Sleep is all about—trippy, heavy, and groove-bleeding power that smashes bones in a slow, swirling stomp. Their 2003 opus, titled “Dopesmoker” [Teepee Records], is massively cool.

Strange as this may sound, this release has only two songs. But the expansive title-track is over an hour long. A detuned ocean of surreal power, it smashes with a slow, crushing intensity. Clean, woeful howls linger through the dense dread of electric gloom.

The second cut, “Sonic Titan,” is a much shorter, live cut that continues in the same vein. Both tracks are killer, without a doubt. Sleep is true blue, cosmic Doom.

Overall, Sleep has a quality that is truly epic. …And it will make them legendary for ages to come. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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