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SiX – When The Beauty's Gone..

SiX – When The Beauty's Gone..

SiX - When the beauty's gone... Lauren is back. SiX is the new project that Lauren is fronting along with Bob K (guitars/bass/programming), Alfunction (guitars/bass/programming), Rob Woods (drums). So with Drown and Famous indefinitely on hold, Lauren has put together a new group that takes over where Drown left off, quite literally. The first track on When The Beauty's Gone… is 'Stranger, Killer, King' (which you can still stream from mp3.com, or if you were lucky enough to get a copy of Drown's Throwing Away The Demos), which has a new feel to it. I was used to the Drown version of the song, so at first I didn't like the track. It was just too different and it didn't feel right. But after listening to it for a while, it pushed the previous version out of my head. Now the new version of the track and I get along.

Track Listing:

Stranger, Killer, King – 3:50
Lay Back – 3:18
The Good Life – 3:29
Sad State of Apology – 4:02
Something's Gotta Give – 3:22

Rating: 4/5

SiX, like I said, picks up where Drown left off so the sound is hard, electronically-infused rock. This trills me to death, since I was (and still am) a big Drown fan. The songs on the CD are captivating. Lauren is still bitter/angry, as heard in the lyrics for 'The Good Life'

“In my life / in my life / all good things got left behind”

and on 'Something's Gotta Give'

“No one feels a thing / until your leavin or bleedin / no one says a thing / until the gun is in their face / nothing means a thing / unless its money their needing / no one feels a thing / until their hole inside is gone”

When The Beauty's Gone.. is a great taste of what's to come on SiX's full length release, which is slated for sometime in 2002.

Favorite Tracks: Sad State of Apology, The Good Life

Read more about SiX at http://www.thesixsite.com

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