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Sinomatic – Self Titled – CD Review

Sinomatic comes to you directly from their home base in Youngstown, Ohio. The roots began to form in the late `80s when Ken Cooper (vocalist) and Rick Deak (lead guitarist, backing vocals) met at a local record store. The two instantly connected and eventually began to tour the east coast under the band name Strange Vision, which later became known as Raggedy Ann. After touring, the duo split apart but remained friends. In 1999, they returned to work and recruited new members into the lineup to form Vertigogo. The new band went on to produce a self-titled release on Rust Records (available at Amazon.com). With the release of their Vertigogo CD, the band had finally received airplay on college and commercial radio stations alike. Eventually, for legal reasons, they were forced to change their name, thus becoming Sinomatic.

So, you know a brief band history, but what can you expect when listening to Sinomatic’s self titled CD? Each song is viewed as a complete masterpiece and is treated as such from beginning to end. The process begins in Ken’s basement by writing out lyrics, and then creating the major riffs on an acoustic guitar. The band prefers not to follow the road many musicians have taken; they tend to shy away from computer-generated sounds and pre-programmed instruments. The end product has a classic rock feel, with a mellow, modern, pop rock approach that is very radio-friendly.

All tracks have personal meanings behind them, but the listener can easily relate. Having double and deeper meanings to lyrics instantly adds to the intrigue behind any band. The first single from the upcoming CD is no exception. Although Bloom appears to be a standard love song, it was actually written about Ken’s past struggle overcoming a cocaine addiction. After paying closer attention, Bloom takes on both interpretations equally well. Another favorite from the album, One Life, is itself, an addiction waiting to happen. The guitar work on this song begs you to put the song on repeat. Several songs, such as Candy Skin, could easily be played on stage beside 3 Doors Down, while the track Seven Days instantly revives old memories of Smashing Pumpkins. The CD over all is quite relaxing and does, in fact, create a much-needed break from most other contemporary groups.

These guys know the expectations of a rock star life style and are eager to accept every last detail that accompanies it. The band hopes to become a new group of role models, they want to stand out in a crowd and have their faces easily recognized. After Sinomatic’s self-titled CD is released nationwide on April 17th, they will definitely be on their way to achieving that dream.

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