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Silver Needle – Self Titled – CD Review

It would be an understatement to say that Hollywood is a unique and artistically enlightened place. Therefore it's really not a surprise to see the musical minds of the various scenes in Southern California collaborate to bring about a new rock 'n' roll renaissance.

One of the products of this rebirth in creativity is the quartet Silver Needle, whose self-titled debut CD showcases the diverse elements that makeup the band. Silver Needle, formerly known as Gloryhole, create a sound that is at times dark and melodic, but can quickly morph into being upbeat and energetic.

The group's lead singer/guitarist, Daniel Allen, gives the songs on the album a gritty, bluesy style that fits most of the music. Bassist/songwriter Johnny 99 provides innovative and interesting lyrics, with songs like “Rockit Jane” and “Glad You're Here“.

The band, who have been together since 1999, blend hard rock, punk, power-pop, blues and even a little rock-a-billy to generate a sound that might have some listeners a little taken back at first. But it doesn't take long for you to feel the infectiousness of the musical dose that Silver Needle injects their listeners with.

Gangstar Girl” is the band's most exciting track on the album, and my personal favorite. It has an eerie, surfish, psycho-billy feel towards it that will hook you in right away.

One thing is clear, that this band takes its music making seriously. They auditioned 50 drummers before finally hitting it off with Jonas Mannon. The band also produced the album by themselves with Allen engineering the whole thing. “Till U Are Mine” and “Shame“, the first two tracks on the disc, best exemplify the impressive production of this CD.

Silver Needle is a band that obviously works well together. They have brought all of their own influences and talent from different parts of the country. With Allen coming from Salt Lake City and Seattle and Johnny 99 from Cleveland, they pooled their abilities together with Californian guitarist Andre Tusques to craft a solid rock group with an intriguing style.

If you want something different sounding yet also familiar sounding, I would recommend picking this one up. Silver Needle has the ability to remind you of a dozen different bands while at the same time sounding like nothing you've ever heard.

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