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Signed Band of the Month INCUBUS – “Make Yourself” – CD Review

One thing is apparent to me now that I’ve had a chance to allow the latest effort by Incubus to sink in. Brandon Boyd is in love. Something just magically softens when a musician writes from the inspiration of what is good. When they find true love and continue to create however, the magic becomes something almost “otherworldly”. This is what I got from “Make Yourself(Immortal/Epic) from the first the moment I heard the song “Stellar”. It also became apparent to me that he has become more comfortable with who he is through the years of touring and experiencing all of the things that a band goes through while on the road. Brandon and his band of devoted-to-the-cause gypsies have found themselves, and yes, made themselves.

The expansive and lush atmosphere of this – the band’s second major label release – is something that will wind it’s way through the corridors of your musical mind. “Make Yourself” is full to the brim with integrity, affection and void of any sense of the fury that you’ll find in many of the latest creations by other bands; bands who, surprisingly tour with and get lumped in with Incubus. This CD is truly beatific in it’s presentation.

Many fans who have already attended shows are emerging and claiming that seeing them was yet another “spiritual” experience. Also being reported by some is the fact that Incubus have chosen to not play any of the tracks from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. on this tour. This seemed odd to hear because one would think that doing that would provide some semblance of their history and progression to newer fans. But, hey, Incubus have never been a band that is predictable. Incubus are some of the finest musical visionaries of their time.

While writing this review, I’ve found that rather than highlight and explain the details of the songs and the way they sound, I’ve been affected by the music on “Make Yourself” in a more creative and philosophical way. It is almost as if discussing its contents would remove some of the important initial effects, the feelings and the mysteries from actually being able to discover it for yourself. However, I highly suggest that everyone do so.

As written by Brandon Boyd in the bio on the www.enjoyicubus.com website:
DJ Kilmore is a turntablist, Jose Pasillas is a drummer, Dirk Lance plays the bass and golfs with passion, Mike Einziger fondles six guitar strings like he’s in love, my name is Brandon and I sing. For information on who is on drugs, who’s in love, who spit on who, who’ll be running for president in 2012, and or any other inquiries related herein, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“Thank you, drive through…”

Lesa Pence

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