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SIGNED Band of the Month 4/2000 : Pantera – “Reinventing the Steel” – CD Review

I’ve seen a lot of strippers take it all off to Pantera songs. Perhaps it’s the down home Southern flavor that appeals to them; that slow, sexy, and deliberate groove. Maybe it’s the sheer velocity of the heavy parts that makes those girls want to get naked and get down. Rest assured though, you’re going to be hearing Pantera being played once again in strip clubs across the States. You can bet your last single on that one.

Reinventing The Steel” (Elektra) is nothing but 100% pure grain Pantera. They’ve re-emerged with a 10-track fireball that will blow you away and keep coming at you, again and again. The CD opens like the pits of Hell with “Hellbound” which instantly brings you all the way back to that “Cowboys From Hell” groove. Philip Anselmo, being one of my all-time favorite vocalists (and Pantera being one of two of my all-time favorite bands in the world…) sounds just as thunderous and powerful as he always has. There is no stopping Phil because he is of the unstoppable kind. His vocal presence and range on “Reinventing The Steel” is commanding and totally exceptional.

There is a track called “Goddamn Electric” that encompasses that groove I mentioned earlier. The break down in this song is going to have every single one of those shaved heads in hardcore, diehard Pantera audiences nodding to the signature beat. Dimebag slays in this song as well. He is truly the definition of ‘God on guitar’ and to me, he always has been. The guitar work on this CD is just as complex and mind-blowing as any true Pantera fan would come to expect. Vinnie Paul and Rex Brown (as I bow down) are the most tight-knit and rock solid drum and bass team I’ve ever heard. In my many years of music consumption, there has been no one else that can touch those two in their area of expertise. “Reinventing the Steel” only reinforces my devotion to this band.

This CD was actually produced by Vinnie and Dimebag this time, which opens things up to new freedoms and creative avenues for the band. It is a true sign of a band’s success to be able to realize their creative goals. Pantera has achieved that, and as always, they’ve done it on their own terms and have played by their own rules no matter what. This is one band that would rather retire than let their fans down. There are few bands that maintain the integrity that Pantera has throughout their careers, and to that I say “Cheers!”

Pantera disciples can look forward to moshing their brains out with them at Ozzfest, but in the meantime, pick up “Reinventing The Steel” to hold you over. My favorite tracks: “Hellbound“, “Goddamn Electric“, “Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit“, “We’ll Grind That Axe For A Long Time“… and the deathy wickedness of “It Makes Them Disappear” just rules! In no way does this CD disappoint, but instead reassures us that the boys are still kicking ass, and they’re doing it with big, mean “Reinventing The Steel“-toed boots! Oh, Hell yes!

Lesa Pence

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