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Scarlet – Something To Lust About (MCD) – CD Review

Intended as a teaser for their upcoming album Cult Classic, Scarlet's six track MCD Something To Lust About does just that. Clocking in at just over 12 minutes, the Ferret Music release is a quick aural attack that does just enough to get the adrenalin flowing before ending.

Richmond, Virginia's Scarlet play a halting, brutal form of hardcore full of death metal stylings. After breaking up back in 2000, the band proves that the time away has done nothing to soften their music of their outlook. The songs paint a grim portrait of drug addicts (“Revolver“), sex fiends (“Erotic Antibiotic”) and empty, corrupting rock stars (“Something To Lust About“).

This is not for the weak of heart; Scarlet may have taken two years off, but are relentless in their return. Just one track of the six even gives the listener a moment to breathe. “Sell Yourself“, an understated electronic interlude, is that song and it provides the sounding board for the entire MCD – its peaceful waters show the true turbulence of the abrasive metalcore found on the other five songs.

Something to Lust About is part of the Ferret Limited Series, meaning that it is only available through the band or Ferret's website. For metalcore fans across the board, the extra effort will be worth it.

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