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Scar Culture – Inscribe – CD Review

From New York has risen a great new fury. That tumult is the BEST NEW BAND of 2001, and that act is Scar Culture. Their debut, called “Inscribe” [Century Media Records], carries on that great NYHC tradition of musical assault.

Scar Culture fuses intense Hardcore aggression with powerful, groove-driven Death Metal into the fiercest, incendiary brutality. It is the schema of pure hostility–brilliant, guttural growls; ferocious, snarling guitars; and pummeling rhythms. This is ardent, blood-and-guts Death Metal for the extremities…

Who wants to be in the middle anyway?

The most abusive, best cuts include the snap-and-slam of “Vision,” “Dead Alone,” the raging “Sever All Ties,” “Color Returns,” “Keep It To Yourself,” and the punishing “S.Y.D.” This is one of the best releases of 2001.

In summary, Scar Culture is an amazing band, and this opus is essential for any true Extreme Metal fanatic. After all, the lunatic fringe is where greatness is born. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
Email at: StrangeAeons@hatebox.net
Copyright 2003.
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