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Salem – Collective Demise – CD Review

From the abyss depths of epic Darkness rises the monumental band Salem. This Israeli act’s 2003 opus, “Collective Demise” [The End/System Shock Records], is an epic of Black/Doomdeath Metal genius. And it easily smashes and slashes its to the top of the cadaverous heap, making it one of the BEST RELEASES of 2003.

Salem fusing the best elements of both styles—slow, powerful Doomdeath with Black Metal fury. Shrill, rabid shrieks crown massive, guttural growls. Deep, intense Doom grooves are sharpened by fiercely hellish onslaughts. Salem brilliantly incorporates lightly used acoustic and symphonic elements as well. They also incorporate oriental influences, ethnic instruments (e.g. timbales, etc.), and angelic female backing vocals. It’s ferocious, and atmospheric darkness in glorious desolation.

Their lyrics have a dark, poetic nature as well. (Yet another rare characteristic that makes Salem truly shine.)

The most amazing of these epic cuts includes dread bleeding “Decadence In Solitude,” “Coming End Of Reason,” the rampaging “Slave,” “Act Of War,” and the stunning “Dead Eyes.” Salem puts almost all other Black Metal bands to shame—the uniqueness and quality of their art is unsurpassed.

Overall, the powerful Salem is an eclectic wonder worth savoring. The darkness they bleed is incredible to behold. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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