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Sad Story – F.A.

Sad Story - F.A. CoverIndividual‘ starts off Sad Story’s CD with a heavy melody I like to call, well individual. It’s one of those badass, kick you in the pants kind of tracks. This is one of those tunes that, once you hear it, it’s hard to get out of your head. And in this case it’s NOT a bad thing. ‘Pretty Much‘ slows the pace down with an Addams Family type of groove to it. I can totally see this spooky-core track in a Dracula movie. If only the Dracula 2000 soundtrack people would have come to me, you would have seen this song on the CD.

So Called Friend‘ picks up where ‘Individual‘ left off; heavy, mosh-friendly and best of all, kick ass! ‘F.A.‘ is my favorite track off the CD. I don’t know if it’s because Sad Story is so intense on stage with this song or if it’s just the whole feel to the song. ‘MzHyde‘ has a definite industrial feel to it, loads of samples and heavy ass riffs. ‘Endless Rue‘ is a song that I can see getting heavy radio play, with a few bleeps. A good feel, nice groove and a catchy tune make ‘Endless Rue‘ a killer tune.

After it’s all said and done and the CD has stopped spinning, you will be thankful that it’s in your CD collection. Why? It’s fully stocked with killer tunes, that’s why! I have had the honor of seeing Sad Story grow for a few years now. I hope they are really happy with what the have become and that band continues to evolve. Get yourself a copy of this CD from www.sadstory.net and the first demo ‘Sad Story’ off mp3.com; you’ll be glad you did.


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