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Rice n’ Beans – “The Rice n’ Beans EP” – CD Review

Rice n’ Beans have had their respective axes to the grindstone for a lot of years; over ten of them, to be more precise. They’ve got 3 indie CDs in circulation, an arsenal of show dates under their belts, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. With origins of family and culture feeding the inspiration and musical style of this 5-member band with Southern California roots, a healthy flow of creativity winds its way through the veins every song on this, their latest 6-song EP simply titled “The Rice n’ Beans EP“.

How would you describe Rice n’ Beans? The band’s sound has an almost punk rock core, which is not simply contained inside its metallic cage. Members of Rice n’ Beans describe it as “mosh-friendly, Japanimated riffs of fury meets abrasive vocals quenched by Dos XX”. So there you have it.

Devil’s Skateboard‘ stood out right away for me; a close second being ‘Something To Say‘, which is done in Spanish, and it was interesting to hear that way. “The Rice n’ Beans EP” showcases the hard work and talent of all five members, and all just in time for them to play at the Whisky! Check the concert calendar for dates and times, or pay a visit to the band’s website at www.ricenbeans.net.

Lesa Pence

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