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Professional Murder Music – Self-Titled

Release Date October 31, 2000

Professional Murder Music have appeared with the likes of industrial-glam Orgy, evil disco gods Static-X, toured with comic book rock supernovas Powerman 5000, and contributed to the soundtrack for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie End Of Days. Hell, they’ve even done a stint beside self-proclaimed white trash, Kid Rock. As a young band, that’s quite a bit to have in their pockets. Nevertheless, they’ve remained grounded as they continue to create the type of music one can envision as the sound of the future.

Industrial music has always had an appeal to the devoted fans of other genres. The metal heads can relate to its heavy side, the punks dig it because it walks the razors edge of grindcore; even the so-called alternative rock scenesters dabble a little as long as things don’t get too edgy, and it’s definitely not news to any of the goth crowd. The danceable beats combined with whispering, buzzing vocals always turn them on. I have to agree, this is some sexy shit.

How would you like your industrial cooked this evening? No matter what you order, when you’ve been served with Professional Murder Music, you’re going to get it raw.

The self-titled debut from PMM (Geffen) seethes with electricity and those blood-curdling screams that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Perfect for a Halloween release date.

Lesa Pence
–  lesa@unearthed.com

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