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Pro Pain – Run For Cover – CD Review

Pro-Pain, the last true masters of Powercore Metal, took a little different route for their 2003 opus. “Run For Cover” [Spitfire Records] is a collection of powerfully done covers of acts that inspired or influenced them. (And every one is a winner.)

For the most part, Pro-Pain makes each song their own. Ferocious, growled vocals snarl over the chaotic brilliance. The guitars roar with intense, dynamic brutality. The rhythms have a vibrant, primal urgency that fuses it all together flawlessly. Pro-Pain knows no weakness….

From the Hardcore bombast of “100%” (SPUDMONSTERS) to the Tribal fury of SEPULTURA‘s “Refuse/Resist,” Pro-Pain does them all up right. The best of these killer cuts includes the explosive “Nothing” (NEGATIVE APPROACH), “Circle Of The Tyrants” (CELTIC FROST), a perfect rendition of SLAYER‘s “South Of Heaven,” “The Crowd” (OPERATION IVY), and clean vocal assault of “Weeds” (LIFE OF AGONY). Pro-Pain is one truly amazing band.

In summary, Pro-Pain has created a masterpiece in “Run For Cover.” The premise isn’t new, but Pro-Pain has easily outdone all of the rest. This is one of the BEST RELEASES of 2003. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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